James Higgins is a globally renowned yoga instructor from the San Francisco Bay area who now enters twenty years of teaching experience in 2017. He offers a unique, inspired, and deeply engaged soulful style of meditative hatha vinyasa yoga developed through years of dedicated self practice and inspired studies. The practice is slowed down in steady awareness, rooted in mindfulness, technical proficiency, emotional intelligence, and spiritual insight. His passion is empowering his students to experience the very best of themselves in gaining strength and greater physical embodiment, refining intuitive powers, empowering authenticity, releasing hidden tensions and unconscious blockages, all while healing their connection to the highest self within the depths of the heart. Each of his classes are led as a journey of self discovery providing a safe supportive environment infused with kindness, clarity, and love.


My current schedule is teaching throughout Europe where I lead retreats, master classes, and advanced immersion studies. My U.S. schedule is specialized events. You can remain informed through my newsletter and see what I am up to and stay in touch by friending me here on my Facebook page.


April 6-8
Scott’s Valley, California
1440 Multiversity

April 14-15
Wicklow, Ireland
Ananta Yoga Wicklow
Reset, Renew, Release & Recharge

April 16-20
Dublin, Ireland
Fumbally Stables Immersion

April 20-22
Kells, Ireland
The Crea Center

May 4-6
Rotterdam, Netherlands

May 11-13
Lausanne, Switzerland
Yoga avec James Higgins, vendredi 11, samedi 12 et dimanche 13 mai 2018

May 14-17
Sion, Switzerland
Omnia Yoga

May 25-27
Vienna, Austria
Yoga Kula

June 2-10
Paros, Greece Retreat

July 26-29
Carmel Valley, California
Tassajara Zen Mountain Retreat
Eighth Year

August 30-2
Mountain Yoga Festival
St. Anton, Austria

September 6-9
Geneva Yoga Festival
Geneva, Switzerland

September 21-23
Yoga Moves
Nyon, Switzerland

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