James Higgins


James' classes are inspiring and meditative.  He is able to create a consistent and
strong asana practice offering a quiet place for the mind to go each and every time.

Elana Maggal, Conference Director, Yoga Journal Magazine

The substance of James' class is so much greater than what transpires during the
90 minute practice. His ability to teach for the mind, body & spirit enabled me to
listen to my inner voice in a way I had never done before.

Erin Griffs, Cooking Light Magazine

James shared an awesome mix of “fired up” asana sequences with serene and expansive meditations.

Shelly Levine - Absolute Freedom Yoga and Meditation Retreat – Kripalu

Practice with James and he will enable you to encounter qualities and experiences that you have been looking for but didn't
know where to find.

Bruce Bochte, Major League Baseball Player Seattle Mariners All Star

James is one of the most gifted yoga teachers I have experienced in my fifteen years of practicing yoga.

Jackie McGrath, Executive Coach

"Never before have I felt my power so deeply, my calm so fully, and the shine of possibility so wide open.  James is by far
the best yoga teacher I have ever had the privilege to learn from.

Avital Hahn, Journalist

James has a very special gift that goes far beyond what I have ever experienced with any other yoga instructor.

Benita Crandal, Designer

"James’s classes are a journey deep into the heart through asana practice.

Marisa Hewitt, Organic Bio Engineer

"I have been practicing yoga for nine years, and James Higgins is easily one of the best instructors I have encountered.

Robert Kustel, Teacher

James Higgins teaches a style of yoga that I like to describe as Inward Bound. Bottom line, he creates and holds a sacred
space that I find allows for profound physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing. 

Karen Benke, Author and Poet

James Is a person who lives deeply and he will help you do the same.

Quinelle Minet - Author

James exudes loving kindness and has an innate sense of his students needs.

Vivian Kominos - Kripalu

James creates a desire to want to look at more, to feel more, to be more, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Jennifer Legge, Organizational Consultant